12 November 2011

way longer than it should have been

and i readily admit that...without question.  lot has been going on here at the shop and with our newest release of things and we are getting great response and working on new releases for spring and also the new breast cancer piece for 2012.

i also have finished the doggers' stocking and am working faithfully on the meows' stocking too...and next week we'll have some tips about quick christmas gifts - and painting paper mache boxes and waxing them...but here is the doggers' sock...samsarah designs with samsarah's wonderful buttons.  i extended the sleeve of the sock just a little bit to make room for all three names and i like it so much that i think i will just extend all of the 5 more socks i have to do so they all match.

anyway...here it is and i hope you like it ;)  more next week - i promise

17 September 2011

kittens and other things

the dark chocolate and marshmellow little boy is leaving next friday to his forever home about 45 minute from here in sonora california...we are very happy for him - he is getting a great mama...he is a lucky boy.  the others are leaving for their temporary forever homes next sunday with the rescue organization and they will find real forever homes in a quick minute...they are all very soft, sweet and gentle now...and purr as soon as you pick them up.

we let them out in the back room for an hour romp every morning...they are exhausted when finished; quickly grab a snack and then flat out like lizards drinking...a very, very long nappy.

have to make some decisions as to the new spring line coming in 2012...but...there are those of you who are so anxious about painting paper mache boxes - worried about the paper bubbling up when you apply acrylic paint - easy solution for that - spray all surfaces with matte sealer - a very light coat - it seals the paper and then the surfaces won't bubble when you apply the paint.

we'll talk about waxing boxes the next time...but do try the spray sealer...it really truly works and solves that bubbly problem.

15 September 2011


playing with this from the iPad I have figured out I can update from home...it's going to work out just fine!!!

enjoy your evening - am a happy woman now.

new format

i've changed this around a bit - off to the right side there are links about us, how to contact us and a listing of our products that are available.

starting now, i am going to make this an active blog spot - show you what we are working on - give you little sneak peeks, some tips on how to do things...generally something fun and hopefully different that might spark some ideas of your own too.

i also might use this as a sounding board if the need arises...but mostly it will be about lady dot creates and all the fun things we are working on that might inspire.

you should see what i'm doing with antique stem glasses...i'll take some pictures and add those as soon as i'm finished...  i don't want this to be spot that only gets updated when there is new products...so stop back occasionally and say hello and enjoy.